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Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941

Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941
Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941
Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941
Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941
Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941

Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941    Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941

House at the bottom of a wooded path with a couple of characters. Beautiful old expressionist oil on canvas. Stamp of the workshop on the back. Dated 1941 on the back.

Possibility of multiple payments by check or bank transfer without charge. (delivery of the object after receipt of the last payment). As great professionals of the art market for decades, you buy under our acronym "ptt" which gives you a label of quality for your purchase as well as a guarantee of seriousness, reliability and success in your investment.

Also, this announcement titled our label "ptt" has value certificate of authenticity for the buyer. Do not hesitate to visit no. Tre shop and add us to your favorites! The career of this artist, arrived at the development of her talent, was a great adventure pursued through time and continents.

Her youth dragged her into all the countries of Europe then; from Russia to the Americas. In France, she knew the lustrustre merchant: zborowski, of which she had a contract in 1926, as well as kikoin, kreomen, and especially soutine, in the friendship of which she lived by benefiting from her precious pictorial advice. Continuing her exploration of the world, she continued to travel to new countries. The flamboyant coastline of the Mediterranean, Spain and America with the fantastic mountains of stone and landscapes of Mexico; even more vertiginous, which inspired him his most intense pictorial visions.

This change of scenery is reflected in the evolution of the painting of sourdillon. Starting from a sober naturalism, with discreet tones, she first painted canvases with precise lines and many portraits until 1945. Around 1946, her lyricism content broke out in vast still lifes; brimming with vibrant colors, deployed in plunging perspectives. From then on, his art is released more and more. For her, it is the light that creates the color.

She works in the early morning, in front of a white sky and even more in the evening, where all the tones reach their supreme radiance. Thus, the red silhouettes of the dagay rocks; springing from the blue sea, become a mythical landscape. Seen from afar, the skyscrapers of New York are a trickle of precious tones whose trails glide over a stormy sky. In the great compositions inspired by Mexico, the colors intertwine in a dream festival where ancient temples revive a magical existence. The art became the plastic translation of the most thrilling emotions; this is the message of this great, vibrant and profound artist. It is the most beautiful homage that could make to chaïm soutine!

Artist "international reference\We can therefore expect in the near years to a significant start of its coast! Note info: this is a beautiful painting of.

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In case of conflict and outside of any amicable solution highly recommended, the district court of paris will be only competent. These terms and conditions prevail and replace all that may exist elsewhere. The item "sourdillon berthe (1895-1976) civry old oil wash on canvas 1941" is on sale since Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

It is in the category "art, antiquities \ art of the twentieth, contemporary \ paintings". The seller is "lespeintrestemoins" and is located in / in paris.

This item can be shipped to the following countries: united states, european union, canada, switzerland.

  1. type: oil
  2. period: xxth and contemporary
  3. theme: landscape
  4. characteristics: signed

Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941    Sourdillon Berthe (1895-1976) Civry Washhouse Oil On Canvas Old 1941