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Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927

Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927
Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927
Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927
Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927

Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927   Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927
"Woman of Algiers" (villa abd-el-tif). The artist was a fellow of the French government and of Algeria and. Pensioner of the villa abd-el-tif from 1925 to 1928.

Provenance: private collection, old collection of Madame Bsa. Beautiful old oil on canvas original and authentic. Rare work on the market. Painting dimensions: 61 cm x 50 cm (12 figures).

Stamp of the workshop on the back. Dated 1927 on the back. With golden frame ornamented louis xv style and marie-louise canvas add 7 cm. Of frame width: 14 cm in total; for both width and height.

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A pupil of cormon at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and Pierre laurens, he exhibited at the Salon of French Artists from 1924 to 1929, obtaining the silver medal. He then receives a government grant for Algeria. He participates in many exhibitions such as Autumn, Independents, National or Tuileries as well as the drawing room and water painting of which he is appointed President.

From salons to salons, it gradually takes its place among the best contemporary artists of the twentieth century. He is very interested in the decorative arts. He sinitie to the mural and illustrates many books. He is very famous and sought after for his high quality erotic drawings. In 1954 he was promoted Knight of the Legion of Honor for his work and was the subject of special exhibitions in the United States and England. Until 1977, it is an uninterrupted succession of exhibitions throughout the world including Japan. He receives, that year; before his death. The grand prize of the painters witnesses of their time. He died on October 1. That same year suffered a heart attack on the eve of his annual exhibition at the galerie dimpoulos in Paris. Since his creation, Berthomme has been part of the artistic movement of poetic reality and the painters of the school of Paris. As for women, flowers, landscapes, colors are alive; vibrating same. They let appear an intense light and whatever the motive, they rest on a drawing alive which makes perceive the superb reflections of the nature and the subject.

My joy is the painting of things that I love with all the intensity that supposes. My brush is made to "caress\It is necessary that the brush, too, be tender, in love. The brilliance of colors is subordinated to the sensation that the spectator must feel.

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The item "berthomme st-andre (1905-1977) woman of alger old oil on canvas 1927" is on sale since Sunday, April 10, 2016. It is in the category "art, antiques \ art of the twentieth, contemporary \ paintings ".

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  1. type: oil
  2. period: xxth and contemporary
  3. theme: character
  4. features: box

Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927   Berthomme St-andre (1905-1977) Woman Of Algiers Old Oil On Canvas 1927