Old Oil On

Thème > Chasse, Pêche

  • Translation: Old Tableau, Hunter And His Dogs, Oil On Canvas, Painting, 19th Century
  • Old Painting Signed Rossi 1897, Hunter And His Dog, Oil On Panel, 19th Century
  • Ancient Tableau Signed Mantelet, Fox Hunting, Oil On Cardboard, Early 20th Century
  • Very Old Oil-on-wood Painting, Fishing Theme And Pee Pause
  • Very Old Table Oil On Wood, Theme Fishing And Boats
  • Ancien Oil Table On Angars Or Angers Pecheurign Toile Of The 19th
  • Ancient Hunting Table, Oil On Panel, The Hunter's Pause, 18th
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Canvas, Hunting Scene, Cerf, Dogs, 19th Or Before
  • Old Table Paint Oil On Panel Shrimp Paint Sign