Old Oil On

Largeur > 38 Cm

  • Antique Painting Signed, Oil On Canvas, Centaur And Mermaid, Couple, Late 19th Century
  • Signed Old Painting, Hunting Dog, Oil On Panel, Late 19th Or Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting Signed, Portrait After Fragonard, Oil On Isolel, 20th Century
  • Old Painting By Henry D'anty, Bouquet De Fleurs, Oil On Canvas, 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Canvas, Madonna, Portrait, Female And Children, 19th Century
  • Ancient Painting Signed And Dated 1887, Oil On Canvas, Still Life, Fruits, 19th
  • Antique Painting By Vandel, Daté 1842, Oil On Canvas, Portrait Of Man, 19th Century