Old Oil On

Hauteur > 41 Cm

  • Translation: Old Tableau Signed By Maurice Crozet, View Of A Garden, Oil On Canvas, 20th Century
  • Nomadic Candy Vendor, Oil On Cardboard, Painting, Antique Painting, 20th Century.
  • Translation: "signed Antique Tableau, Bouquet Of Anemones, Oil On Canvas, Painting, Early 20th Century"
  • Ancient Painting, Mabon Island In Nantes, Oil On Canvas, Painting, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting, Mortuary Scene, Oil On Panel, Sketch, 19th Or Before
  • Ancient Religious Painting, Christ Bearing The Cross, Oil On Canvas, 19th
  • Antique Painting, Henri Barnoin Market Scene In Brittany, Oil On Canvas, 20th
  • Ancient Painting, Marine, Boat, Oil On Panel, Frame, Painting, 20th
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Canvas, Study Of Female Nude, Symbolic School At The End Of The 19th Century
  • Ancient Religious Painting, Oil On Canvas, Portrait Of Woman, Holy 19th Century
  • Old Painting Signed Ch. Summer, Oil On Canvas, Still Life, Bouquet, Xxe Flowers