Old Oil On

Largeur > 27 Cm

  • Old Painting Signed, Framed, The Remoulder, Oil On Panel, Painting, 19th
  • Table Former Woman Nude Oil On Canvas Sign St Hollenstein (1886-1944)
  • Antique Painting, Maison Au Bord De La Rivière, Oil On Canvas, Painting, 19th
  • Former Painting Oil On Canvas Nature Dead Hunting 1901 Signed Painting
  • Antique Painting, Bathers, Symbolic School, Small Framed Painting, 19th
  • Ancient Painting By Paul Dangmann, Episcopal Meeting, Oil On Panel, 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting By Paul Permeke, Bouquet De Fleurs, Oil On Canvas, 20th Century
  • Pair Of Old Paintings, Oil On Canvas, Animated Beach, Frame, Painting, 19th
  • Ancient Painting Signed, Mediterranean Port, Marine, Oil On Panel, Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting, Oil On Double-sided Panel, Impressionist, Nabis, Late 19th Century
  • Antique Painting Signed, Oil On Canvas To Restore, Courtisane Au Loup, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Oil On Sign Signed Marine Landscape Port Village Sailboat France
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Panel, Portrait Of Woman, Framed, 19th