Old Oil On

Hauteur > 55 Cm

  • Translation: Old Table, Communicants, Oil On Canvas, Monogram Fc, Early 20th Century Painting
  • Translation: "ancient Oil Painting On Canvas, Roquebrune Castle, Signed By Mozziconacci 1971"
  • Old Tableau, Animated Park, Oil On Canvas, Painting, Large Format, Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting, Casqué Soldier, Portrait, Oil On Canvas, Painting, Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting, Galante Scene Under Putti's Eyes, Oil On Canvas Xix
  • Old Landscape School Of Barbizon Xixth Signed Gillot Fontainebleau Forest Tree
  • Antique Painting By Pierre Berthelier, Oil On Panel, Box, Early 20th Century
  • Henry Genois, Ancient Painting Signed And Dated 1879, Oil On Canvas, Portrait, 19th Century
  • Signed Old Painting, Oil On Canvas, Still Life, Bouquet Of Flowers, 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Paper, Pastoral Gallant Scene, Couple, Moutons, 19th
  • Old Painting, Oil On Canvas, Portrait, Young Woman, The Broken Jug, 19th
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Canvas, Dairy And Horse, 19th Century