Old Oil On

Largeur > 41 Cm

  • Translation: Old Tableau, Hunter And His Dogs, Oil On Canvas, Painting, 19th Century
  • Translation: "ancient Tableau, Paris, The Pont Neuf, Oil On Canvas, Painting, 20th Century"
  • Group Of Soldiers, Sketch, Oil On Canvas, Painting, Antique Tableau, 20th Century
  • Signed Old Painting, Tree-filled Landscape, Oil On Post-impressionist Canvas, 19th Century
  • Ancient Painting, Beefs, Oil On Canvas Early 20th, Signature To Identify
  • Old Painting, Female In A Farm Yard, Oil On Canvas, Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting Signed, Expressionist Landscape, Oil On Canvas, 20th Century Painting
  • Antique Painting By Charles Francisque Raub, Landscape, Oil On Canvas Late 19th Century
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Canvas, Pine Landscape, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting By Camille Godet, Oil On Panel, Landscape, Farm, Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting, Oil On Cardboard, Diane Huntresse, Box And Under Glass, 20th Century
  • Signed Antique Painting, Pointe De Binic, Brittany, Oil On Panel, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting To Restore, Still Life, Oil On Canvas, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting Signed, Oil On Canvas, Marine, Fishermen At Sea, Boat, 19th