Old Oil On

Hauteur > 35 Cm

  • Signed Old Tableau, Animated Street, Oil On Cardboard, Painting, Early 20th Century
  • Framed Antique Tableau, Paris, The Seine, Oil On Cardboard, Painting, Early 20th Century
  • Jules, Make Me Laugh, Oil On Cardboard, Painting, Ancient Painting, 20th Century
  • Translation: "ancient Tableau, Market In Brittany, Oil On Canvas Board, Painting, Early 20th Century"
  • Old Painting Signed, Nude Female, Oil On Cardboard, Painting, Middle 20th Century
  • Old Painting Signed Cassini, Carnation Bouquet, Oil On Panel, 20th
  • Ancient Painting, Oil On Canvas, Cow In A Landscape, Painting, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Painting, Coastal Landscape, Oil On Canvas Without Chassis, Painting Early 20th Century
  • Antique Painting, Maison Au Bord De La Rivière, Oil On Canvas, Painting, 19th
  • Ancient Painting Signed, Oil On Isolel, Breton Landscape, Painting, 20th Century
  • Antique Painting, Oil On Panel, Factory Workshop, Drawing, 19th Century
  • Signed Old Painting, Oil On Panel, Marine, Boat, Sailor, Box, 19th
  • Antique Painting Signed, Oil On Canvas To Restore, Courtisane Au Loup, Early 20th Century
  • Ancient Religious Table, Oil On Zinc, Spanish School, 18th Or Before